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Musical Excellence

The Institute of Musical Excellence is a new and exceptional cultural center arriving to the European cultural capital of 2016 , Wroclaw. It's a new and unique place that promotes art, culture and music, where young, gifted and ambitious musicians from around the world can develop their natural ability and musical skills. They will be guided by outstanding artists and instructors.

  • Andrej Bielow
  • Imogen Cooper
  • Maria Kliegel
  • Valentin Erben
  • Joseph Swensen
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About Institute

The Institute of Musical Excellence is a new and exceptional cultural center arriving to the  European cultural capital of 2016, Wroclaw.

This original project was created after many years of introspective analysis of how to promote culture, music and eduction in a innovative and practical style.

The mission of the founder was to create a place where young talented musicians can develop their skills and achieve a new level of musical excellence by establishing rapport between the soloist, conductor and the ensemble. 




With regard to the highest level of development at the IME, we have long searched and finally found the ideal location for our headquarters, because not only comfort and an ergonomics work place is important but also practice rooms and a main hall with the perfect acoustic sound.

We are currently offering music hall and room rentals for students and music professionals.   




Institute of Musical Excellence offers many individual styles of teaching to achieve the highest level of musical development. Lessons are presented/taught by outstanding artist and musicians from Europe and beyond. We guarantee contact with musical masters who have unquestionable experience and are technically  skilled and full of passion.




If you are a specialist in the field of music and would like to join our wonderful team of experts to train the next generation of  talented musicians, get in touch with us.