Marcin Misiak

Marcin Misiak


Institute of Musical Excellence was  founded by cellist Marcin Misiak. It’s a new and unique place that promotes art, culture and music, where young, gifted and ambitious musicians from around the world can develop their natural ability and musical skills. They will be guided by talented music professionals and instructors. This is a place where professional musicians focus their energy, skills and knowledge on our carefully selected students. They have drawn from many years of experience and will devote themselves to bring out your musical and creative potential. The instructors will develop a strategy for the development of each individual student so they may realize their greatest ambitions.


The aim of the Institute is to achieve the highest level of musical development, with the instruction of our amazing music professionals. Institute is creating a unique place where talented students will be held to the highest standards. 

Institute encourages multicultural, multi-ethnic  and an international learning atmosphere. 

Our goal at Institute of Musical Excellence is to create opportunities for students to perform in solo or ensemble performances, there by enriching our students and giving them valuable experience while learning about teamwork.

„Without music, life would be a mistake” - Friedrich Nietzche -